Creative Consultation in 2020

A monthly consultation group for healing professionals to inspire and support your ongoing expressive arts practice.

Each session offers a didactic component as well as process-oriented expressive arts experiences. Option for 3.0 CE credits per session through NBCC. 

February 3: Props

Warm up to this consultation with the use of props and explore the possibilities of using them in your practice! 

March 2: Sound

Warm up to creativity in this consultation group by exploring the multi-modal possibilities of using sound with art as a practice in mindfulness!

May 4: Movement

Warm up to creativity in this consultation group by exploring the use of BODY MOVEMENT to support you and your therapeutic work between sessions 

June 1: Clay

Warm up to this Creative Consultation by exploring the use of clay and its many applications in your therapeutic practice

  • “This process helps me be more open to moments of discovery with my clients”

    Licensed Social Worker

  • “The gift of experiencing the sacred work take place every time was not only helpful to me personally and professionally in the moment, but also created an intrinsic trust in the process itself - which inspires courage with my clients and also courage in my own self-expression”

    Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

  • “The space provided literally and symbolically is vital to me professionally and personally”

    Licensed Therapist

  • “I love the kindness and gentleness of how the meetings are conducted”

    Licensed Therapist

  • “It's a wonderful group of like-minded people and I am looking forward to the meetings every month. I have been able to grow professionally and personally from the work we do.”

    Licensed Therapist